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Terms and Conditions of Kids Camp Booking

We require a deposit when making booking, of $50. This is non-refundable if cancellation within 4 weeks of camp start. Balance of camp fee to be paid 1 week before start of camp unless prior arrangements have been made.
At Tui Glen Farm we are very aware of safety issues for both persons and horses but will not be held responsible in the unlikely event of injury/illness/death to persons or horses. 
You agree that Tui Glen Farm owners or staff can act on your behalf if requiring Doctor/ Hospitalization for persons due to illness or injury or vet/farrier for horses at your cost and will contact you or your emergency contact as you have stated on booking form as soon as practically possible. No unwell or lame Horses are to be brought onto the property of Tui Glen Farm.
If in the opinion of Tui Glen Farm owners or staff, the above camper/s or a camper/s horse is causing danger or irresponsible behavior to themselves or other campers, clients, horses, TuiGlen Farm owners and/or staff, Tui Glen Farm owners or staff have the right to ask them to leave immediately without refund.
To confirm booking of Kids Camp a Deposit of $50 will be required to secure your spot. This deposit is non-refundable. Once we have received your application we will e-mail you with our bank account details.
Please remember to include your childs name as refrence when making your deposit.